Tooth Contouring And Reshaping

Tooth Contouring And Reshaping

Reshaping teeth is especially for individuals with misshapen or irregular teeth. Teeth contouring can be used to fix defective teeth that cause issues with oral hygiene or dental aesthetics.

It may not sound pleasant to have your teeth trimmed, but tooth contours are a very safe and simple procedure that can improve the function and beauty of your mouth.


When you come in for a consultation, we will examine your mouth to determine the problems you are facing. This will probably involve an examination including the use of an x-ray machine or similar device to image your teeth and observe their alignment. The examination won’t involve any treatment, it is merely to determine what kind of treatment will be best for you. Carefully examining your mouth will help us accurately diagnose your condition and provide you with relevant treatment options. If contouring any of your teeth is deemed necessary, the treatment is very simple:


One of our highly trained professionals will identify which portions of your enamel need to be removed or reshaped and the best course of action for doing so. We always make a detailed plan before making any changes to your teeth.


We use state-of-the-art equipment to perform all our procedures. When it comes to reshaping the enamel on your teeth, we will use a high-quality diamond-tipped drill or a laser to carefully remove problematic areas.


We have a very careful approach to our treatment and will make sure to be as detailed and careful as possible. We work hard in maintaining our skills so you don’t have to worry about teeth that have been mishandled.

Patient Comfort

After carefully removing the small portions of enamel that are causing difficulty, we may apply a special desensitizer to your teeth to help seal any gaps or cracks in your enamel so your teeth don’t feel sensitive.


Every mouth comes with its unique set of challenges. Some individuals are challenged by irregular teeth that cause aesthetic and functional problems. Some issues are more severe than others and while many problems can be fixed simply by subtly shifting the teeth with the help of traditional or Invisalign® braces, some issues require a more direct solution.

Tooth contouring is the process of reshaping a single tooth or multiple teeth by subtly removing defects that may be causing issues.

This procedure normally just affects the outermost layers of your teeth. There are no nerve endings or blood vessels on the outside of your teeth, so the process is essentially painless.

While many individuals may find the aesthetic prospects the most appealing, there are several health benefits that can come from reshaping your teeth:
  • Prevents Infection : Removing excess enamel can remove imperfections in your teeth that are difficult to clean and provide a sheltered place for bacteria to fester, causing infection or decay.
  • Promotes Hygiene : By removing small imperfections, it can become easier to practice good oral hygiene as prior areas prone to infection are removed allowing easier access for cleaning.
  • Improves Function : There can also be functional benefits of removing enamel from teeth. Some tooth defects make chewing difficult or uncomfortable. Subtly reshaping your teeth can allow you to enjoy all your favorite foods with a functional set of teeth.

If you feel like there are defects in your teeth that could be improved through a subtle reshaping, come by Luth & Heideman Center for Dental Care and see which options benefit you the best!

We will make sure to thoroughly examine your teeth so we can provide you with a variety of treatment options. We pride ourselves on offering our patients the most options with the highest quality dental care possible.

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