Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal isn’t something that needs to be feared. Even so, few treatments performed by a dentist are as familiar or invoke as much dread as a root canal.

This is a common misconception because a root canal relieves pain. At our practice, we have the most advanced dental technology that can make the root canal procedure quick and painless.

Receiving a root canal treatment is an important procedure for infected teeth. Performing root canals can preserve your natural teeth and relieve you of discomfort and pain caused by infection.


An infected tooth, if left untreated, will continue to irritate until the infection is eradicated or removed. That is exactly what root canal treatment is for.

During a root canal, we will carefully extract the infected pulp from the tooth. After this, the inside of your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure no traces of the infection remain.

The function of the pulp is mainly for tooth development. The tooth can still receive its nourishment from the surrounding gums.

Removing the infection relieves pain and saves the tooth from suffering further decay. The pain and discomfort one may feel with an infection can be relieved and the tooth can be restored to its former function.


It is necessary to make sure the tooth can function properly after a root canal. To prevent further discomfort, closing off all cracks and openings is imperative for a full restoration.

We will often perform a root canal along with other dental treatments, like a filling or crown. The additional layer helps protect the inside of the tooth from getting infected again.


Because the process has been streamlined so well, recovery from a root canal is relatively quick. Most patients can return to normal activities within hours of the procedure, though swelling and numbness may persist for a few days.

Any pain you have experienced from the infection will be lessened immediately following the root canal procedure.


The treatment known as a root canal gets its name from the location and nature of the treatment.

Under the hard white layer making up the outside layer of the tooth, there is a layer called the pulp. This layer contains blood vessels and nerves; the pulp layer located in your tooth root is called the “root canal.” Pulp is essential for growing teeth, but after the tooth has fully matured, it is unnecessary for your tooth’s health.

A root canal treatment can be required when the pulp becomes infected. This can happen if harmful bacteria reach the pulp through cracks or cavities in the tooth caused by physical injury, genetics, or complications with previous dental procedures.

The infected pulp may become inflamed and cause other issues deeper in the root or the surrounding tissue. These infections can cause severe irritation and discomfort which is why we would recommend having them treated.

Infected pulp can cause irritation and pain. In some cases, an infection can:

  • Create abscess or puss.
  • Cause severe pain during chewing and biting.
  • Give your gums pimples.
  • Make your teeth extra sensitive to hot and cold.
  • Cause the gums to swell or darken.
  • Make your gums very tender.

Any one of these symptoms, or a combination of symptoms, can signify a need for a root canal treatment.

If you are experiencing severe tooth sensitivity or other symptoms that may lead you to believe you have an infection in your tooth, schedule an appointment with Luth & Heideman Center for Dental Care in Las Vegas!

We are professionals who can inform you of all your options. Perhaps you won’t end up needing a root canal. That’s great! We can help you find relief from your ailments using other methods.

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