Restorative Dentistry


For those who have issues with their teeth that could potentially cause pain or infection, we offer restorative services to help them regain a higher level of comfort and to help you get back to feeling better! Your smile may benefit from the expertise and experience of our restorative dentistry if you have experienced any of the following dental conditions or problems:


When a tooth has a cavity that has caused significant damage, we treat it with great care, making sure any infection is removed so your teeth can remain healthy and strong. With the help of our advanced technology, we can create accurate metal-free, hypoallergenic fillings the same day they are required to cover and support your teeth.

Fillings preserve the structure of the teeth. Having a filling installed saves you the trouble and money of having to deal with escalated forms of treatments, like crowns or implants.


When a tooth is damaged by infection, cracks, or chips, we may recommend restoring it with a dental crown. Using CEREC technology, we can craft a beautiful porcelain crown for you the same day you come in for your treatment. 

Protect your teeth with tooth-colored dental crowns! Our crowns will not only repair the damaged teeth but restore the beauty of your smile. 


For our patients who have smiles with fewer teeth than they would like, we believe dental implants are a fantastic way to replace your missing teeth and give you back the function and charm of your smile.

At Luth & Heideman Center for Dental Care, we place implants using “Digitally Guided” protocols, implant surgery for a single missing tooth typically only takes 15 to 20 minutes and is surprisingly not that painful the next day because of how we perform the procedure.

Sometimes outpatients are not good candidates for implants – in those cases, we work with a team of oral surgeons and periodontists to collaborate and create a more ideal situation for dental implants.

For our patients who are missing many teeth and cannot utilize dental implants the need for removable prosthetics may be their only option – in these cases, we again work with prosthodontists who specialize in this type of treatment.


Our technology allows us to provide high-quality care to our patients. We are eager to find out just how we can help you get the kind of smile you want. Contact us today to set up your next dental appointment!

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