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Metal-Free Crowns and Bridges

At Luth & Heideman Center for Dental Care, we use metal-free material for crafting your dental restorations. Not only does this create a more natural look when you get fillings, crowns, and implants, but it’s healthier for you too.

Why Do You Need Dental Restorations?

Dental restorations like crowns and bridges may sometimes be necessary to help maintain the structure of your teeth. When you experience an accident or infection, we may need to rebuild your teeth using custom, non-metal appliances.

Crowns and bridges are used to repair damaged teeth and replace missing teeth. Doing so can help alleviate pain or other discomfort caused by damaged or infected teeth. With our metal-free restorations, you can have a healthy smile that is uniform and feels as good as new.


Infections that affect large portions of a tooth may require infected and damaged areas to be carefully removed and replaced using a crown, or tooth cap, to cover the rest of the tooth.

Crowns can be used in several ways:

  • Hold a cracked tooth together.
  • Complete a dental implant restoration.
  • Cover or support a tooth with a failing filling.
  • Improve a tooth’s appearance.
  • Support a tooth after a root canal.

Crowns can be useful in treating many different conditions, but installing a crown isn’t always an option.


In some cases, infections may permeate deep into a tooth requiring an entire tooth to be extracted as the remaining tooth would be too weak to provide the necessary structure required for normal tooth functions.

Bridges are appliances that fill the gaps between teeth that may be left by an accident or extraction. These are a less-costly alternative to having tooth implants, which may be an attractive tooth-replacement option for many individuals.

Bridges can be used to either replace a single tooth or multiple teeth in a row. All they require is a healthy tooth on either side of the gap for optimal function.

Why We Don’t Use Metal Restorations

Conventional methods used to repair damaged teeth can sometimes be worse than the damaged teeth themselves. While allergic reactions to metal crowns are rare, for those affected, the results can be extreme levels of discomfort.

Metal crowns and bridges also leave your mouth hypersensitive to heat and cold. This can make eating certain foods very uncomfortable. A patient treated with a metal crown may experience some or all of the following inconveniences:

  • Allergic reaction to the metal used in the implant.
  • Having to make multiple appointments for design and installation.
  • The dissatisfaction with the look of metal restorations.

This is why the treatment here at Luth & Heideman Center for Dental Care is exceptional. To keep our patients safe, comfortable, and happy, we have made every effort to do away with all metal dental restorations. Rather than providing you with standard metal crowns and bridges, we provide our patients with custom, site-printed, metal-free restorations.

The Advantages of Metal-Free Restorations

A healthy smile is a happy smile! Metal-free crowns and bridges are hypo-allergenic, meaning they are friendly for individuals who have had or may have allergic reactions to the metal used in conventional restorations. After your installation, you don’t have to worry about your gums reacting poorly with inflammation or other allergy symptoms.

Save time and energy restoring your teeth! Because we use the latest dental technology with our CEREC same-day crowns, we can manufacture your restorations on-site with no need for follow-up appointments to have them installed! You can have your crown or bridge installed the same day as your initial appointment.

Show off your full, beautiful, natural-looking smile! The material we use to create your restorations looks much more natural than the metal restorations used by dentists in the past. Our custom-fit tooth crowns and bridges will not only repair the damage suffered by your teeth but will help restore your confidence in your smile.

Find Out How You Can Benefit from Metal-Free Crowns or Bridges Today

Everyone has a unique situation. We are determined to help you find the solution that works the best for you. Come in to our office in Las Vegas for a consultation to see how we can help you get the smile you want.

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awesome awesome awesome. they take real good care of you here. patient care is one of their top priorities. would recommend to anyone seeking a dentist for a long time.
-Aaron F.
Dr. Greg Heideman is literally my hero. He gave me life, with my smile. I was at another dentist office that he was filling in at for some reason. Thank heavens for that day. I made an appoitment with him, he told me what he could do for me. No looking back. I trusted that nan, and I can never say thank you enough. His staff, his level of excellence, is my reward. Thanks Doc!!!
-Kathy P.
Dr. Luth and Dr. Heideman and their staff are perhaps the most professional dentists with which I’ve come in contact in recent years. Their dental options, both cosmetic and general, were thorough and honest. I didn’t feel like I was being upsold or “convinced” to have expensive work done. Highly recommended.
-N Hansen
My experience with Luth & Heideman has been great. This is my second visit, with my first being a consultation. The entire staff was very professional and curtious. By far the best dentist experience I have had, and would not hesitate to refer anyone here.
-Steven G.
Today was my 2nd visit with Dr. Luth. I needed a lot of work done, but he and Ally, his assistant were so nice, patient, always asking if I was ok. When I needed to take a quick break they never hesitated to let me have a little rest. They have so much compassion at this office. Everyone here is so so nice. Plus, and most important, they were very very thorough. I definitely give it 5 out 5 stars!!!!!
-Madison E.
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