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What is a frenulum or frenum?

A frenulum or frenum is the tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums or the lower lip to the gums. A frenulum also connects the underside of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. If the frenulum is too short or too thick, it can cause speech problems, tooth misalignment, and other issues. In addition, the frenulum can cause problems for those who wear dentures by causing the dentures to fit improperly or to become loose and shift.

What is a frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a minor oral surgery that involves removing the frenulum in order to improve the function of your smile. Frenectomy is used to resolve the problem and restore function to your smile. In Las Vegas, Nevada, frenectomy can be performed in just one comfortable visit to our dental office.

Do I need a frenectomy?

Our knowledgeable dentists, Dr. Luth and Dr. Heideman, will carefully evaluate your smile to determine if a frenectomy would benefit your smile. We welcome you to call or visit us at Luth & Heideman Center for Dental Care today to learn more about frenectomies and to schedule your visit. We look forward to caring for your smile!

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awesome awesome awesome. they take real good care of you here. patient care is one of their top priorities. would recommend to anyone seeking a dentist for a long time.
-Aaron F.
Dr. Greg Heideman is literally my hero. He gave me life, with my smile. I was at another dentist office that he was filling in at for some reason. Thank heavens for that day. I made an appoitment with him, he told me what he could do for me. No looking back. I trusted that nan, and I can never say thank you enough. His staff, his level of excellence, is my reward. Thanks Doc!!!
-Kathy P.
Dr. Luth and Dr. Heideman and their staff are perhaps the most professional dentists with which I’ve come in contact in recent years. Their dental options, both cosmetic and general, were thorough and honest. I didn’t feel like I was being upsold or “convinced” to have expensive work done. Highly recommended.
-N Hansen
My experience with Luth & Heideman has been great. This is my second visit, with my first being a consultation. The entire staff was very professional and curtious. By far the best dentist experience I have had, and would not hesitate to refer anyone here.
-Steven G.
Today was my 2nd visit with Dr. Luth. I needed a lot of work done, but he and Ally, his assistant were so nice, patient, always asking if I was ok. When I needed to take a quick break they never hesitated to let me have a little rest. They have so much compassion at this office. Everyone here is so so nice. Plus, and most important, they were very very thorough. I definitely give it 5 out 5 stars!!!!!
-Madison E.
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