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Dental Technology

One of the advantages we have in caring for our patients is the vast inventory of technological resources at our disposal. At Luth & Heideman Center for Dental Care, we take pride in providing advanced treatment for all dental issues.

Using our technology, our treatments are faster, more efficient, and are often safer and more comfortable as well! Enjoy the benefits of an advanced dental treatment when you come in to be treated by us!

3D Imaging

The accurate dental care we offer is dependent on our scanning capacities. We use incredibly advanced scanning and imaging technologies to make sure we get a comprehensive and accurate image of your mouth.


CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It uses computer-aided design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to create an accurate 3D image of your mouth. Using CEREC, we can provide quality dental crowns and implant restorations on-site.

The scanning process takes a small amount of preparation, but once the scan is complete, using our CEREC milling machine, we can fabricate accurate metal-free crowns that can be immediately applied to your teeth.

iTero Scanning

There are times when we will need a complete model or impression of your teeth. An iTero scanner is an advanced scanning wand used to image teeth, normally in anticipation for Invisalign® aligners.

iTero allows us to image your mouth completely using an advanced optical scanning system. This method is often faster, more accurate, and more comfortable than using impression molds, a method that can trigger the gag reflex, to model your teeth.

3D Printing

One of the greatest revolutions in modern times is the advent of 3D printing. Using MoonRay 3D printers and special acrylic plastics from SprintRay Inc., we can create customized, durable dental appliances to resolve your dental issues.

Our 3D printers can create dental crowns, fillings, teeth guards, and more! Because our MoonRay 3D printers are directly in our offices, we can create needed tools and appliances immediately on-site so you don’t have to make multiple trips for the same issue.

Having this 3D printer readily available in our office also helps us treat an assortment of dental emergencies. We can use MoonRay 3D printers to create replacements for:

  • Bridges.
  • Fillings.
  • Implants.
  • Crowns.

Our technology allows us to provide same-day appointments for patients experiencing a dental emergency. Using these tools, we can fix the problem quickly, safely, and with less pain.

DIAGNOdent Laser | Cavity Detection

Another incredible tool we use is the DIAGNOdent Laser. Using this device, we can accurately detect infections and image cavities clearly. This process is completely painless, so you can enjoy knowing that we’ve caught all the infections or cavities in your mouth while staying completely comfortable.

Advanced scans performed by this technology allow us to accurately image infected areas of your teeth. This tool helps us create an effective, customized treatment so we can fix your problems the first time around.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a large improvement over the traditional film x-rays typically used by dentist offices. Using digital technology, we can shorten the amount of time you are waiting to be treated. Digital scanning doesn’t require the use of film, which needs to be developed for use.

Digital technology also creates more accurate images of your jaw. This helps us diagnose problems such as infections, cysts, bone degradation, and even oral cancer.

Digital x-rays can be easily archived for future use in case referring to them is necessary for advancing treatment. On top of all these benefits, digital x-rays use significantly less radiation to image your mouth. That makes them more efficient and even safer to use on our patients.

When we take digital x-rays of your teeth, we will be able to show you what we’re seeing right away so that you can stay on top of your oral health.


Sometimes a wider view of your jaw is necessary to diagnose problems. This scanner is a type of x-ray machine that allows us to take a comprehensive image of your jaw.

It uses a revolving imaging array to create a comprehensive view of your teeth and the jaw. This technology allows us to provide you with the fastest and most accurate treatment.

ViziLite Pro Oral Cancer Screening Light

Cancer screening with no pain, no rinse, and no lab to wait on.

For aging patients, or patients experiencing peculiar symptoms, we may use a ViziLite Pro scanner to screen for oral cancer.

The ViziLite Pro scanner uses natural tissue fluorescence to detect cancerous cells. It is a fast and minimally invasive method that helps us quickly determine spots of oral cancer. Using this, we can quickly diagnose your problems and help you get on the road to treatment.

Come See the Benefits of Our Great Dental Technology for Yourself!

Using our advanced technology, you can get extremely convenient and accurate treatment fast. Come in for a consultation to see how you can benefit more from this technology!

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awesome awesome awesome. they take real good care of you here. patient care is one of their top priorities. would recommend to anyone seeking a dentist for a long time.
-Aaron F.
Dr. Greg Heideman is literally my hero. He gave me life, with my smile. I was at another dentist office that he was filling in at for some reason. Thank heavens for that day. I made an appoitment with him, he told me what he could do for me. No looking back. I trusted that nan, and I can never say thank you enough. His staff, his level of excellence, is my reward. Thanks Doc!!!
-Kathy P.
Dr. Luth and Dr. Heideman and their staff are perhaps the most professional dentists with which I’ve come in contact in recent years. Their dental options, both cosmetic and general, were thorough and honest. I didn’t feel like I was being upsold or “convinced” to have expensive work done. Highly recommended.
-N Hansen
My experience with Luth & Heideman has been great. This is my second visit, with my first being a consultation. The entire staff was very professional and curtious. By far the best dentist experience I have had, and would not hesitate to refer anyone here.
-Steven G.
Today was my 2nd visit with Dr. Luth. I needed a lot of work done, but he and Ally, his assistant were so nice, patient, always asking if I was ok. When I needed to take a quick break they never hesitated to let me have a little rest. They have so much compassion at this office. Everyone here is so so nice. Plus, and most important, they were very very thorough. I definitely give it 5 out 5 stars!!!!!
-Madison E.
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